I offer massage and bodywork therapy in the Winston-Salem area.

 Pat Mosley (2018)

Pat Mosley (2018)



I was introduced to massage through Reiki and other forms of energy healing. While the concept of these modalities intrigued me, I decided that I wanted to learn something more hands-on.

In 2011, I graduated from the Center for Massage & Natural Health in Weaverville, North Carolina. Since then, I've studied aromatherapy independently and through the School for Aromatic Studies in Chapel Hill.

I am a licensed massage and bodywork therapist in North Carolina (#16882), as well as a member in good standing of the American Massage Therapy Association (AMTA) and the National Association for Holistic Aromatherapy (NAHA).


“The health of the human body is unavoidably connected to the health of the planet as a whole.”


Since 2017, my understanding of bodywork has been growing in partnership with my work as part of a local farming cooperative. In my own personal health journey, I began to feel the importance of consciously connecting my diet back to the earth. And in growing my own food, I learned that the health of the soil is directly related to the health of the plants I eat and the body I fuel with them.

Planting is more like petrissage than we might at first think, weeding is a way of getting the Earth's knots out, and sowing the seeds of a cover crop is just another way of applying an aromatherapy oil to the client's spine. Bodywork, whether for humans, animals, or Earth herself, is my primary means of exploring what is called permaculture.

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 Photo by: Amy Fitzgerald (2018)

Photo by: Amy Fitzgerald (2018)


New Leaves

My passion is for working with bodies of all types and aiding us all on this journey of reconnecting to our Earth Mother. With six years of experience as an aromatherapist under my belt, I am confident in mixing custom massage oils or identifying herbal and essential oil blends to meet your needs as a client. Like so many of us in the modern age, my vision is a work in progress, but I aim to provide a healing environment for you with as positive an impact as possible on our planet at the same time.

I am committed to operating a zero waste and vegan business, and to sourcing farm-to-apothecary cosmetic supplies whenever possible.


50 minute full body

standard massage therapy session on a table with your choice of massage oil or lotion

10 minute shoulder rub

the power nap of massages while you rest on an ergonomic massage chair

90 minute regeneration

when you're going to need more than an hour


My massage chair and I are usually available for travel to make local house and office calls, but all full body sessions are available only for established clients out of my home office. 

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 Pat Mosley (2018)

Pat Mosley (2018)


The Bees Knees

Did you come to this site looking for more information about how you can support wild bees? I've got you covered. I make a variety of bee houses for sale, and even have this nifty page set up where you can learn more about why supporting our local pollinators is so important.

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