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My name is Pat Mosley and I’m an integrative health practitioner in Winston-Salem, North Carolina.

For me, integrative health is about coaching my clients through identifying and revitalizing the kinds of relationships they want with their bodies, their environment, and the ways they care for themselves.

My practice draws on somatic (body-based), holistic (about the whole experience), and ecological (how we connect with planet and place) modalities as needed to put the power of healing these relationships back in your hands.

Presently I work in private practice and see clients across the gender spectrum, including people who are intersex or transitioning into new relationships with their gender. All are welcome!

Here are some areas I help clients with:

  • Providing nurturing massage therapy to alleviate tension and restore presence in the body

  • Finding voice in relationship with chronic illness, disability, or other health matters

  • Mentoring towards zero waste, plastic-free, or vegan living

  • Getting active with exercise or community involvement

  • Checking in on the full-spectrum of our human needs

  • Licensed Massage & Bodywork Therapist (NC LMBT #16882)

  • Member of American Massage Therapy Association

  • Level 1 Aromatherapist with National Association for Holistic Aromatherapy