Short Bio

“…Because what I’m doing isn’t a job: I’m on a quest, and a quest which is deeply in alignment with my values. A quest in which who I am informs what I do…”

(Sharon Blackie, If Women Rose Rooted)


The older I get, the more rooted I feel in this community—no, not in the new stuff that’s popping up downtown, or in that sense of Southern identity that accompanies longing for home after you’ve moved up the coast for work. My sense of community is with the trees here, trees I remember from when I was a kid, and trees that are now the mighty backdrop to new generations of kids playing pretend on the forest’s edge.

My neighbors include the bumblebees, the leatherwing beetles, the Eastern box turtles, the crows who pass overhead on their way to congress in the park, and that serenely calm Great Blue Heron who meditates in Salem Lake. Don’t get me wrong. I love and care for people too. But I know none of us are in this life alone.

The soil, the creeks, the air, the gardens—we all depend on one another to thrive in this lifetime, the same as its always been down here.

Professionally, I’m a licensed massage therapist (NC LMBT #16882). I work with muscle tension and people who need a helper to take it easy. I’m a life coach. I help us chart direction despite setbacks or anxieties, and reclaim the power to take the next step on our way. I’m a naturalist and a homesteader. I study wild bees in this area and am reviving a lot of traditional skills my grandparents probably never imagined we’d need or want to know again. I love to write. I love to garden. I value the natural rhythms of good conversation and slow summer days.

You can find my heart, my home, and my practice all here in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. Whether you’re here for my writing or here for the other services I offer, I hope you find what you need and that peace of mind accompanies you wherever you are in your life’s journey.