The Lust of Gods Through Venus Retrograde

 Photo by  Yoann Boyer  on  Unsplash

Photo by Yoann Boyer on Unsplash

Venus begins her retrograde cycle on October 5th, but her cosmic affair with Mars already began in the stars weeks ago with the Sun’s movement into Libra (one of her signs) and the last Full Moon’s rise in Aries (a sign of her lover).

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Over the next six weeks, Mars and Venus continue their wild astral love-making which will form several solar and lunar positions we are all sure to feel:

  • September 23rd: Sun enters Venusian Libra

  • September 24th: Full Moon in Martian Aries

  • October 5th: Venus begins retrograde in Martian Scorpio

  • October 8th: New Moon in Venusian Libra

  • October 23rd: Sun enters Martian Scorpio

  • October 24th: Full Moon in Venusian Taurus

  • November 7th: New Moon in Martian Scorpio

  • November 16th: Venus stations direct in Venusian Libra

The tune of this celestial back and forth is set by Venus’ retrograde motion in the skies, which begins in 25 degrees Scorpio and works backwards to 10 degrees in Libra.

In the Tarot, this transit corresponds to movement through the Seven, Six, and Five of Cups to the Four, Three, and Two of Swords. Because this is a retrograde cycle, we can think of these cards are being read reversed. In essence, our retrograde cycle begins with temptation or over-indulgence in fantasy (Seven of Cups) and an obsession on the past (Six of Cups), before accepting the progression of our lives and moving on or even forgiving where necessary (Five of Cups). When the retrograde hits Libra, we will feel restless or racked by guilt in the past we have just revisited (Four of Swords), followed by a release of this pain (Three of Swords), and finally a challenging moment of indecision given all that we have just learned (Two of Swords).

For as many astrologers as there are foretelling the return of past exes, horrible temptations, lusty destruction, and painful regret, for weeks I have been feeling nothing but comfort, excitement, and awe at the magnificent astral interlude between Mars and Venus this cycle joins us in. Yes, the temptations and regrets are there. The past is present, as it always is. And yes, the retrograde may load us down with memories and feelings and things to process.

But this is cosmic sex playing out in the planets and stars, and when has the threat of feelings, regrets, and needing to process stopped anyone from enjoying sex?

More than sex, this is the passionate love affair of two Roman gods whose fiery lust and constancy for each other were a greater role model to ancient Romans in love than either of the gods and their respective spouses. This retrograde, and more than it, this entire dance of Venusian and Martian celestial bodies is an affair to grow from, to take pride in, and to develop our sexual and alchemical selves through.

You may, as most astrologers recommend, look for where Venus transits in your natal chart’s houses. However, I think it’s best to avoid over-thinking this one. Let Venus reach out to your subconscious, and let Mars urge you ahead. Give in when your feelings become intense. Hide nothing from yourself. Take joy and deep self-knowledge.

You can always sort out the pieces when Mercury chimes in with the Full Moon in Gemini at the end of November. Safe cosmic lusting, readers!


Pat Mosley (NC LMBT #16882) is a licensed massage and bodywork therapist in the Winston-Salem area. His work is rooted in compassionate touch, permaculture, and deep ecology with the resilience of all Earth's children in mind. Connect with him via email to

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