Tapping into Full Spectrum Healing Light

 Source: https://pixabay.com/en/agate-stone-gem-mineral-birthstone-1679751/

Source: https://pixabay.com/en/agate-stone-gem-mineral-birthstone-1679751/

"As you look at the world around you, notice that color provides the basic harmony within nature. It coordinates, differentiates, and blends all forms of plant, animal, mineral, and human life. Segregating night from day, and altering with the climatic changes of the seasons, color uniquely distinguishes everything in the universe. It acts as a mirror, assisting all of nature's inhabitants to see themselves within the dynamic life processes of other living things and allowing them to act as teachers for one another," (Dr. Jacob Liberman, Light: Medicine of the Future, 1991, p. 38).

I picked up Dr. Liberman's book at a used book store when I was just getting into the healing arts and also spending a lot of my time painting. The idea of using color to evoke emotional or psychological changes (more than to just depict form) intrigued me as an artist and inspired countless art projects to curate the kind of multi-colored living and working space I desired to operate in.

Dr. Liberman's observations about color differentiation and the dynamic natural world also prepared me to learn one of the touch healing techniques I still use in my massage practice today.

Healing With the Full Spectrum

Nearly every full-body massage session I've ever given has included a hands-on energy healing technique I learned just before I started massage school.

In the woods near Asheville, North Carolina, I was introduced to a technique described to me as full spectrum healing light therapy. I've encountered a handful of other people who practice or claim a lineage in similar modalities, but my own education in it was without these sorts of teacher-student pedigrees, and my own practice of the technique has since continued to evolve. 

A group of us sat paired in a double circle, one facing another, and our guide led us in a meditative practice to attune to the light energy connecting each of us beneath the forms that differentiate us.

I was taught two specific techniques for activating this energy healing in others. The first was to sit facing the recipient and to place the tips of my fingers in their up-turned palms. The second was to kneel before the feet of the recipient laying on their back, and to press my fingers into the center bases of their feet. 

The Experience

When giving this type of energy work, the guide is taught to allow their intuition to first see whatever color energy needs to enter into the recipient. The heart of the practice though involves visualizing an invisible, pure light energy being transferred from guide to recipient. For me, this visualization always looks like light entering a prismatic body and gently shattering the glass-like forms that comprise the recipient's day-to-day modern life. As abrupt as that imagery may seem, the intention is to guide the recipient back to a fuller, interconnected, light-based awareness of themselves. In Kabbalistic terms, think: Ohr Ein Sof.

Given our sometimes touch-averse and touch-over-sexualizing material world, I haven't felt comfortable enough with most everyday clients or friends to practice the palm-entry method of this technique. But, after years of using the foot technique as part of my foot massage routine, I started attempting a new entry point: the center of both shoulders, essentially where a line could be drawn up from the feet.

In almost all of my bodywork sessions, you will feel me at various point pressing firmly on the soles of your feet and the center of your shoulders. Sometimes I will rock your body back and forth to cradle these energy lines back to an active state. This is the work I'm doing.

If you receive a full body session from me, feel for this work or ask for it specifically. Let pure light energy uncover itself from within you. Connect to your essential source and leave the table more prepared to love yourself, your work, and the others in your life from this connection.


Pat Mosley (NC LMBT #16882) is a licensed massage and bodywork therapist in the Winston-Salem area. His work is rooted in compassionate touch, permaculture, and deep ecology with the resilience of all Earth's children in mind. Connect with him via email to info@pat-mosley.com

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