Stepping into Virgo Season



From August 23rd, 2018 to September 23rd, 2018, the Sun is in the sign of Virgo. This shift takes the charismatic revelry of Leo and fine-tunes it with attention to detail and discernment towards sustainability of our energetic relationships to the world.

Virgo is the mutable Earth sign. She encourages growth, but also recognition of the role we each play in the larger dance of life, whether we are rhizomes or fruit. In the Tarot's Major Arcana, Virgo is associated with the Hermit, and in the Minor Arcana, she moves through the Eight, Nine, and Ten of Pentacles. Collectively, the energy of this season is about diligent and individual hard-work culminating in fulfillment. 

Virgo challenges us to tap into our life's purpose, our true will in the universe, and to revise our practice of life to bring ourselves further into alignment with this mission.

Mercury in the Zodiac Signs

Virgo is ruled by Mercury, and as such, we should look at Mercury's placement in our natal charts for a deeper understanding of how this season will affect us.

On the natal chart, Mercury can always be found close to the Sun. If not in the same zodiac sign, it is at most 30 degrees away. Mercury is the messenger of the gods, and in our natal chart, this translates to the way our life's work is communicated to others. During Virgo season, our communication styles are grounded and pulled to reckon with the dynamic material world we live in. Our natal chart placement will sprout a slightly different lesson for each sign to grow on over the next month.

Mercury in Aries

If Mercury is in Aries on your natal chart, then you are prone to be an energetic thinker and communicator. You speak your mind, make decisions on the fly, and move from one topic to another very quickly, often without consideration for others' ability to receive your communication style.

The Virgo season sees your ability to burn through ideas rapidly and presents you with a mutable world that is changing at the same pace. Virgo season invites you to experience the world you create with your words and thoughts from outside the comfort of your own perspective. This is an excellent time to put details to projects you have initiated, and to be mindful of the ways you navigate times requiring adaptability. Observe how you thrive and falter in this season, and make use of those lessons in helping others understand your everyday modes of thinking when future conflicts arise.

Mercury in Taurus

With Mercury in Taurus on your natal chart, you are a common-sense thinker. You approach projects systematically, moving from one task to the next with stubborn ease. 

Virgo season offers you an opportunity to think more conceptually, and to appreciate the grander systems of the world beyond the immediate relations of interpersonal tasks. This season may present challenges for you that require you to be adaptable in your routine. Push yourself to see beyond what is immediately apparent in your work.

Mercury in Gemini

Mercury in Gemini is all about intellect and connectivity. You are a master of networking and tying together seemingly very different ideas into a coherent body of work. 

The abstract and cerebral nature of this placement is challenged by detail-focused Virgo who prefers to affect growth on a more subtle plane. In this season, you will find your power most effective when you take the little things into consideration--thank-you notes, thoughtful gifts, and meaningful interactions that aren't focused on the end synergy, but on sustaining growth in the long-term.

Mercury in Cancer

This placement on the natal chart is all about nurturing and mothering the world. People with Mercury in Cancer perceive life through sensitive, emotionally deep, and empathetic ways.

As a mutable sign, Virgo is a master of transformation. For your placement, think: frogs emerging from the water to live on land. This season is about material steps to managing your self-care. For you especially, this means learning to say no, to deal with jealousy, guilt, shame, and other emotional baggage. Take respite in the introversion of Virgo, and tend the gardens of your own heart with the love you need to fill your role the rest of the year. Be the mother you need, so you can be a better mother in the world around you. Be honest.

Mercury in Leo

Mercury in Leo is all about charisma and passionate energy. This is a placement for motivational speakers, activists, and community leaders. You speak boldly and with authority.

As an Earth sign, Virgo tempts you to burn through the season without taking the time to apply yourself or learn anything. Resist this impulse, Mercurial Leo! Instead, this is the time to develop the details of your great plans. Use this time to focus on a business plan, a strategy for your cause, or a new lecture series for your audience. Virgo provides the fuel, but proceed with wisdom to avoid burnout.



Mercury in Virgo

If Mercury is in Virgo on your natal chart, then you are a down-to-earth and mindful communicator. You have an analytical mind that is characteristically precise, cautious, and thorough.

Virgo season highlights the best qualities in you. This is the time for you to focus on getting your own house back in order. You will be fueled by solar productivity and able to manage multiple tasks and ideas with your trademark diligence. Virgo Sun may place more of the spotlight on your skills than you prefer, but you will thrive by accepting that this is your season to own.

Mercury in Libra

This placement is all about being a mediator and considering all perspectives available. You have a soft spot for the arts and for appreciating the subtle styles of artists and all creative folks.

Virgo season pushes you to a level of detail you tend to avoid out of fear of appearing too one-sided. But rather than approach this season with fear in your heart, consider Virgo season as a challenge to deepen your understanding of the different ideas circling your social networks. Commit yourself to listening from the root level of perspectives, and learning the deeper origin of how conflicts arise in the present. Think on this strategy as a means of becoming a more effective mediator in the future.

Mercury in Scorpio

Mercurial Scorpios have an upfront attitude of distaste for the superficial things and people in life. If you have this placement, you are aware of your passions and interests, and a guard to revealing them or keeping them from unworthy audiences.

Virgo season challenges you to interrogate the whys of your passions, and the long-term needs of maintaining your desires. Now is a good time to consider therapy (if you are willing to open up to a therapist), or to take matters into your own hands through transpersonal work researched and applied on your own. 

Mercury in Sagittarius

With Mercury in Sagittarius on the natal chart, you are the long-distance communicator. You see projects through to completion and launch them to entirely new levels.

Virgo season challenges you to mind the details in your plans. This can feel like an obstacle to you, like a lot of baggage holding back your impulse towards something you are very good at. However, it is essential that you practice patience at this time. Your continued success is built on a level of excellence if not full-on perfection that Virgo offers in spades. Make the time to invest in mindfulness exercises like meditation or tai chi during this season. Slow your work flow. Find love in the beauty of a single flower.

Mercury in Capricorn

This placement reveals the office manager of the Mercury signs. Mercurial Capricorns are efficient, business-minded folks with one eye on interpersonal dynamics and the other on the bottom line. You have a management routine for breaking down larger tasks, and can become agitated when your innate authority is disrespected.

Virgo season requires more flexibility than you prefer, but you are characteristically prepared and will find your back-up plans needed and ready to go when called on. Take this season as an opportunity to observe. Instead of becoming flustered by life's challenges, allow Virgo season to teach you where your blind-spots are, and what preparations you need to make in life to account for them.

Mercury in Aquarius

Mercurial Aquarians are eccentric if not outright distracted communicators. You can be innovative and delightful, but also deceptive, and a labyrinthine keeper of mastermind networks. You have a tendency to stir up trouble when things are too quiet, and enjoy being the trickster or instigator in the company you keep.

Virgo season has the last laugh though. Here you'll face a world that is as prone to sudden change as your own impulses.  This can be an aggravating time where you are pushed to reckon with all the undesired situations or conflicts you have laughed off in the previous seasons. It's also an opportunity to shine. You thrive in shifting scenery and the appearance of the unexpected. Now may be a time for you to step into a leadership role while others around you struggle to stay standing.

Mercury in Pisces

Mercury in Pisces is the placement of poets. You don't mind great depths, but strive for an affinity to meeting others in shallower water. Whether submerged in activities you enjoy or helping others explore the same, you approach your passions with a keen appreciation for what they offer you.

Virgo season challenges you to be a more approachable teacher and guide. Your community needs you now as a reassuring lifeguard and a snorkel instructor, not a mermaid or deep sea diver. During this season you will be called on to help others gain their sea legs, and challenged to do so at a pace that can be appreciated by them. Remember: lots of people vacation on the ocean or come to deep their feet in every once a while. Not everyone is ready or interested to sail around the world.


Pat Mosley (NC LMBT #16882) is a licensed massage and bodywork therapist in the Winston-Salem area. His work is rooted in compassionate touch, permaculture, and deep ecology with the resilience of all Earth's children in mind. Connect with him via email to

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