Feeling All Sides of Life with Libra Season

 CC0 Creative Commons, via Pixabay

CC0 Creative Commons, via Pixabay

From September 23rd, 2018 to October 23rd, 2018, the Sun is in the sign of Libra. This movement marks the lifting of Virgo’s precision into a globalizing consciousness of the many different ways we choose to live our lives on Earth. Libra is the cardinal Air sign who heralds the beginning of her season and opens the way for growth in the fixed and mutable signs that follow her.

Libra is the sign of balance. And while the scales are her symbol, she is rarely the judge of one thing over the next. In fact, her life is more often devoted to exploring and finding the value in each and every thing, not to win any competition, but out of a sense of holistic appreciation for the harmony they create together. In the Tarot's Major Arcana, her card is Justice. On one hand she holds the scales, and on the other she holds the sword of truth, for it is her life purpose to cut through the thick of division and to equalize the life she encounters. Complementing this energy in the Minor Arcana, she progresses through the Two, Three, and Four of Swords. These transitions are about moving through the crossroads of life, coming to terms with rejection, and recuperating what is lost to return it back to the un-torn whole.

Libra has our back as we make difficult choices, move away from what no longer serves us, and learn stillness in the cycles of separation and return.

Venusian Influences

Libra is ruled by Venus, the planet associated with the depths of love and desire, who coincidentally will also begin a retrograde cycle on October 5th. Perhaps the most fascinating part of this upcoming journey will be that Venus begins her cycle in Scorpio and ends in Libra, while the Sun begins in Libra and ends in Scorpio. We can understand this to mean that our Sun in Libra season this year will outwardly be about moving through difficult choices towards our desires, while internally Venus in Scorpio will be challenging us to plunge deeply into understanding the why behind our choices.

We may be faced with the consequences of past decisions and relationships we have left behind. Our unconscious may bring past lovers and forgotten friends to the foreground of our thinking. Our emotions may seek answers to why we rejected or were rejected from these relationships. And while Scorpio may desire to be reminded of why through experiencing the rejection all over again, Libra cautions us to trust in the movements we have made to exit these situations already.

Look for an update for the second half of this journey when the Sun enters Scorpio.

As much fear and hype as planetary retrogrades receive, we truly have nothing to fear from this season. Libra, who is said to be the scales of the goddess Themis, along with the goddess Venus will be with us the whole way through as starry guides and reliable counselors. Nevertheless, deep contemplation of the self can be scary waters to tread, particularly in a season where we’d like to stay light and airy.

Affirmations for the Retrograde

If you have not planned to do magic for psychic protection and grounding during the upcoming Aries Full Moon, I would advise it. Feel free to use the affirmations I have written for each zodiac Sun sign below, or write your own as wards to aid in this season:


“My grand success in life has nothing to fear from facing the past.”


“My roots inform and nourish my life path.”


“I can learn from the past and still move forward without compromising my values.”


“I am nurturing my future with the wisdom I have gained.”


“I feel genuine love with my heart.”


“Enjoying the fruits of my hard labor is never a sin.”

 CC0 Creative Commons, via Pixabay

CC0 Creative Commons, via Pixabay


“I am a force of serenity in this world.”


“I am transforming my life to understand the values I hold dear.”


“The changes I invite into my life are made with discriminating taste.”


“The perspectives of others increases the wealth of us all.”


“My freedom is not compromised by an honest heart.”


“My dreams can be achieved with patience and faith in myself and others.”


Pat Mosley (NC LMBT #16882) is a licensed massage and bodywork therapist in the Winston-Salem area. His work is rooted in compassionate touch, permaculture, and deep ecology with the resilience of all Earth's children in mind. Connect with him via email to info@pat-mosley.com

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