Are We Aligned to Our Sacred Values?

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On September 6th, Saturn stations direct in Capricorn after a 5-month retrograde cycle that begin in April. This period has been all about evaluating the way we are living in accordance or discord with our life purposes and the values we hold sacred. Combined with other planetary retrogrades, at times, this whirlwind of a cycle was disorienting, and our ability to communicate clearly may have suffered.

As Saturn now stations direct, we are brought back to the first steps of Capricorn that we entered towards the end of 2017. In earthy, material Capricorn, Saturn may especially be highlighting our careers, our relationships to money, and our relationships to belief systems, particularly as they differentiate us across generations.

The time for stepping into our divine greatness is NOW.

With Saturn now in direct motion, we are tasked with applying what we have learned over this retrograde period, and putting our best foot forward towards work and relationships in alignment to our core being.

Who are we to become? What are we to do here? Are we acting in accordance with our values?

These questions and others have shaken away what is no longer part of our journey during the previous retrograde. It is now time to push forward from what we have learned. Leave the past behind and walk in confidence on your journey.

G-d is walking this path with you.


Pat Mosley (NC LMBT #16882) is a licensed massage and bodywork therapist in the Winston-Salem area. His work is rooted in compassionate touch, permaculture, and deep ecology with the resilience of all Earth's children in mind. Connect with him via email to

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