How Does Distance Reiki Work?



To a degree, most energy healing is also a form of distance healing. That is to say that most energy healing works without needing to directly touch the recipient of the energy work. While different modalities may be informed by different ideas, with Reiki in particular, the idea of distance healing is central.

Traditionally, all Reiki is performed with the practitioner's hands off of the recipient. Reiki taps into an idea of universal life force or energy permeating all matter in the world. So, distance then is more or less only an obstruction of the mind. 

Symbols and Intentions

In Reiki, the Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen symbol is most commonly associated with performing Reiki over great distances. Popularly, its meaning is translated to "No past, no present, no future." In essence, it is a space-time collapsing symbol which reinforces the absence of distance when sending Reiki, facilitating healing between practitioners and recipients who aren't even necessarily able to see one another.

Truthfully though, this symbol is only a reminder or trigger of the foundation to Reiki itself. What I mean is that we don't need special symbols to send Reiki over great distances. From our very first attunement, this is already a possibility.

All Reiki is sent over distance. Whether our hands are a few inches from the recipient or a few galaxies is besides the point when one contemplates the universality of the life force being worked with.

How then does distance Reiki work?

It's simple really. When we intend to be a channel for healing life energy, when we are welcomed in this role by the recipient, and when this relationship is in alignment to the life purposes of those involved, the work is done. All symbols, all angelic beings, all spirit guides, and all prayers are just metaphors atop that exchange of intentions.

If you've received any Reiki attunement before, try it now. Ask a physically distant friend if you can send them energy, and then ask them later if they felt it. What did you feel?


Pat Mosley (NC LMBT #16882) is a licensed massage and bodywork therapist in the Winston-Salem area. His work is rooted in compassionate touch, permaculture, and deep ecology with the resilience of all Earth's children in mind. Connect with him via email to