4 Signs That Angels Are Near

 Source: https://pixabay.com/en/feather-ease-slightly-blue-airy-3010848/

Source: https://pixabay.com/en/feather-ease-slightly-blue-airy-3010848/

When we start inviting angels into our lives or working with them for healing or guidance, the angels respond to our connection by signs and coincidences that reassure us of their presence. This post highlights four signs that angels are near.

Orbs and other mysterious light phenomena

Colorful or brightly colored orbs are a fairly common paranormal occurrence. When I was first exploring angelic healing, I remember taking a trip to the beach with my parents. Green orbs showed up in both photos I took and ones that my father took. My (conservative, Christian) father even captured a photograph of me that seemed to show a clearly defined aura around me. 

Angels can appear around people like this, or apart from us in flashes of light, sparkling bits of color, floating orbs, and twinkling rays of sunshine or bright colors. 


This is the most common sign I receive. I will be talking about angels with someone and will inevitably walk up on a coin or set of coins brightly reflecting in the sunlight. Other times, I will be getting lost in self-critical thoughts or feeling powerless in a situation, and a set of coins I have forgotten about will fall out of a pocket.

Humans have associated coins with angels and other ultra-terrestrial intelligences for generations, and their coincidental appearance can very easily serve as a mental trigger for us to remember the presence of unseen allies.


Many people who work with angels report hearing bells. These can be tiny chiming bells heard close by or large church bells heard far away. To some people who hear angels speaking to them, the voices of angels is comparable to the sound of bells or other chimes. 


Feathers are perhaps the sign most popularly associated with angels. After all, many angels are depicted as having either a single set of feathery wings or several sets. The feathers you encounter as signs of the angels may not always appear as the iconic white wispy feathers though. In my own experience, I've often found blue-jay or barred owl feathers when in dire need of a reminder that angels are available to help.

I tend to associate feathers with being the sort of the 'aggravated-angel' sign. They show up when the angels have tried a handful of other reminders already, and you still aren't picking up. In a sense, feathers embody this energy too. They're reminders that we can soar upwards from the material world and receive aid from other beings at a moment's notice just as well.

Is a Sign Always a Sign?

Of course, the appearance of any of these could be caused by anything! A useful balance between dismissing all signs as random coincidence and embracing them as clear signs of something extraordinary may be to accept these signs not necessarily as concrete evidence that an angel is near, but instead as triggers to remember that fact about the presence of angels in our world.

Angels are all around us, and are infinitely available to help in protecting and guiding our world. To reach them, all we have to do is ask for their help. Chance are, throughout our busy days, there are many moments when we might feel better equipped to handle the stress of everyday life after acknowledging the angels. We might find ourselves better prepared for moments that require our courage, or better prepared to persevere through tests of our resiliency through traumatic triggers.

When you see any of the signs discussed above, allow your skeptical or rational mind to associate the sign's appearance with just a simple reminder that angels are nearby. If even that is too metaphysical for your operating mind to engage with, perhaps try and play a game with yourself by observing a sign and saying to your mind something like 'Ah-ha! You know, some people believe signs like that mean an angel is nearby and available to help.'

Of course, if you can bypass your rational mind long enough to actually ask for help, remember that's all that's necessary. You can even ask for angels to help you right now. Simple say: 'I ask for the angels to protect me and guide this day to greater love and light.'

Make a note of how you feel at the end of the day.


Pat Mosley (NC LMBT #16882) is a licensed massage and bodywork therapist in the Winston-Salem area. His work is rooted in compassionate touch, permaculture, and deep ecology with the resilience of all Earth's children in mind. Connect with him via email to info@pat-mosley.com

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