A Cold And Wet Autumn

With the recent winter solstice, I wanted to do a quick check-in about the projects happening here at my home microstead.

While at autumn equinox I had planned to do a cover crop for green manure this winter, I wound up planting a quick experiment to see how much the growing season here can be extended. Unfortunately, rather than the mild, sunny days of winters past, we were treated to a cloudy and wet autumn that has significantly stunted—if not entirely halted—the growth of my experiment.

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Making the Most of Your Winter Season

‘Tis the season of resolutions, and so often for folks drawn to permaculture or eager to respond to the ecological crises facing the planet right now, this can be the time of year when we’re suddenly ready to just do everything.

A few full thoughts later, we realize that with snow on the ground and snow in the forecast, it doesn’t seem like there’s too much we can do just yet. And that’s what makes winter the perfect time for a deep dive into planning our coming year.

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Why Do Permaculture?

Over time it’s become more and more impossible to avoid the destructive reality of modern living played out in not just our bodies but the disappearing wild and the entire planet herself. In the face of climate data and other observations, I cannot muster the passivity to remain indifferent. And just as well, I cannot muster the disempowerment to restrict my work to social media outrage or lobbying the powers that be. There is an unavoidable connection between my health, the planet’s health, and all the soils and waters and wild things between us. And it must be cared for, now.

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A Shattered Mirror: Détournement & Recuperation of Social Media

The Internet War on Sex is Here.

And to be honest, this is my final straw with Facebook.

As a business, it’s difficult to just walk away. Specifically, there seems (at least in my head) to be a social expectation that any ‘real’ business have a Facebook page, regardless of how materially practical or useful that relationship is to the actual business. But as a personal user, absolutely, this changes things. I’ve already begun the process of removing my content from the site (and Facebook’s other asset, Instagram). The days of me logging hours on the site, sharing memes and articles, jokes and photos, all the while working against myself to not argue politics in the comments are over. What I leave behind remains to be determined.

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PsychogeographyPat Mosley
International Men's Day in 2018

After the first few questions, it became apparent that I was queer and had a shaky relationship to being a ‘man,’ and that the experience of myself and two of the other speakers was different than that of the darker skinned Muslim immigrant on the panel with us. When we talked about surviving sexual assault too, it just completely melted the walls we’d built around gender going into that day.

I hope we can collectively reach that melting point again. I hope we can put down our defenses long enough to hear each other and value one another long enough to heal one another.

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Gender & SexualityPat Mosley
Reflections on Parashat Vayeitzei

These moments in Laban’s story stand out to me because it often feels to me that in our modern world different religions are exclusively distinct to one another. We have to be either-or-neither something. The idea that we can be both, that we can be pluralistic in our thinking or living or identifying frequently feels dismissed or degraded as this sort of fluffy, feel-good liberal indecisiveness. And while that may very well be the case, the Torah provides a historical reference point for that attitude as well. Laban, for all his character flaws, and for all his teraphim and pagan religiousity, is someone G-d chooses to speak to—through divination, no less!

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Judaism, PaganismPat Mosley