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A Slow and Steady Spring Breakout

Aside from the snowstorm in December and the polar vortex plummeting temperatures for a few days, this winter was mostly mild. My greenhouses weren’t able to sustain plant life over the off-season, but I’d like to try planting earlier in the Autumn next time around.

I was however able to grow some collards beginning in February, and I started most of this Spring’s vegetable garden from seeds in February too. Aside from the collards, everything else has been very slow to take-off. I definitely think I started planting rather early this season, (which is fine because it’s making everything grow hardy), but in the future, I may want to either start seeds inside or wait longer. Inside, I was able to do some Lions Mane mushrooms, and would like to continue exploring growing them as well.

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A Cold And Wet Autumn

With the recent winter solstice, I wanted to do a quick check-in about the projects happening here at my home microstead.

While at autumn equinox I had planned to do a cover crop for green manure this winter, I wound up planting a quick experiment to see how much the growing season here can be extended. Unfortunately, rather than the mild, sunny days of winters past, we were treated to a cloudy and wet autumn that has significantly stunted—if not entirely halted—the growth of my experiment.

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