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Caring For Your Feet With Self-Massage

The other night as I was coming down from an unexpected panic attack, I realized I was unconsciously massaging both my feet. The effect was soothing. After about ten minutes I felt as if the state of panic I had been experiencing was moving down my body from my head and leaving me through my feet.

To some metaphysicians, the feet provide a map to the rest of the body. Ailments found elsewhere can be treated through applying therapeutic pressure to the correct area of the feet. If this system holds true, where some areas of the body like the sciatic nerve or other areas of the back are difficult or impossible for most to reach themselves, the feet provide a gateway many of us can reach ourselves.

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Self-Massage for Jogging Prep

Over the past several years, jogging has become one of my favorite forms of exercise. Usually I will combine it with paced walking or short sprints of running, but overall I’ve found that this is a great way to stay active, work off stress, and keep my blood sugar levels balanced.

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