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The Tremendous Joy of the Nest Outside My Window

For the last few years, raising animals has been a big source of joy in my life. I’ve gotten to work with baby goats, and my bee houses have sheltered hundreds of wild bees in this area. Watching these birds up close through the whole process of nesting, feeding, and learning to fly out of the nest though—this was something spectacular. I’m so grateful that they chose to nest in front of my window. It was really the first time I’ve gotten to observe so completely how animal families operate largely independent of human interaction.

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Finding Earth Religion in the Trash

On some level we crave innovation. At the same time we are made to feel so powerless and so ashamed, that we often seem to prefer inaction rather than engagement with the innovation we encounter. Trash is personal like that. When approached as an art form, it’s the most intimate medium I know. Even when you go to very physical arts involving the body or our sexualities, culture, food, fashion—we’re still consciously curating something the whole way through. We’re in an intentional conversation with our parents, religion, society, our oppressors, whoever.

With trash, we are rarely in this sort of dialogue. We are discarding. We are burying. We are throwing away. Trash is a record of all that we consume. Trash tells us everything about the most un-acknowledged parts of ourselves. In this context, I think we attach a lot of shame to it.

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A Slow and Steady Spring Breakout

Aside from the snowstorm in December and the polar vortex plummeting temperatures for a few days, this winter was mostly mild. My greenhouses weren’t able to sustain plant life over the off-season, but I’d like to try planting earlier in the Autumn next time around.

I was however able to grow some collards beginning in February, and I started most of this Spring’s vegetable garden from seeds in February too. Aside from the collards, everything else has been very slow to take-off. I definitely think I started planting rather early this season, (which is fine because it’s making everything grow hardy), but in the future, I may want to either start seeds inside or wait longer. Inside, I was able to do some Lions Mane mushrooms, and would like to continue exploring growing them as well.

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Experimenting With Bee Hotel Placement

Over the last year, wild bee advocacy has become one of my clearest passions. While there are lots of ways we can engage in advocacy for these animals, the creation of bee hotels occupies an emergent market niche that I believe has the potential to become as common as birdhouses, given a few years of design innovation and market saturation to reach a wider audience. The effects of this market’s growth could have a tremendously positive impact on dwindling wild bee populations around the world.

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Creative Ways to Protect Your Plants From Frost

As we head into spring planting this season, it’s important to protect your new seedlings from any lingering frost or cold snaps. For this reason, some folks will keep their new sprouts indoors until it’s definitely warmer.

Others either lack indoor space or are eager to get their gardens started. In this post I’ll look at four ways you can plan ahead with your garden design to protect your baby sprouts from any cold weather you may still experience before spring fully returns.

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