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5 Ideas For Making Permaculture Design More Accessible

Permaculture challenges us to care not only for the planet but for people too. I know that as an individual actor in my ecosystem, permaculture offers an innovative way of relating to the planet which I believe will serve us well through weathering climate change. I also know that as a disabled person, the ways we teach and design permaculture projects can sometimes be unintentionally inaccessible to disabled folks.

One of my aspirations in permaculture is to open up the way we teach and design for future resiliency to make this work more accessible to disabled folks like me who are passionate about the planet. Whether permaculture can be a source for medical treatment of disabilities is another question entirely, but today I’m focusing just on how permaculture can challenge the disabling ways our world is often designed.

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Making the Most of Your Winter Season

‘Tis the season of resolutions, and so often for folks drawn to permaculture or eager to respond to the ecological crises facing the planet right now, this can be the time of year when we’re suddenly ready to just do everything.

A few full thoughts later, we realize that with snow on the ground and snow in the forecast, it doesn’t seem like there’s too much we can do just yet. And that’s what makes winter the perfect time for a deep dive into planning our coming year.

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Why Do Permaculture?

Over time it’s become more and more impossible to avoid the destructive reality of modern living played out in not just our bodies but the disappearing wild and the entire planet herself. In the face of climate data and other observations, I cannot muster the passivity to remain indifferent. And just as well, I cannot muster the disempowerment to restrict my work to social media outrage or lobbying the powers that be. There is an unavoidable connection between my health, the planet’s health, and all the soils and waters and wild things between us. And it must be cared for, now.

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