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A Shattered Mirror: Détournement & Recuperation of Social Media

The Internet War on Sex is Here.

And to be honest, this is my final straw with Facebook.

As a business, it’s difficult to just walk away. Specifically, there seems (at least in my head) to be a social expectation that any ‘real’ business have a Facebook page, regardless of how materially practical or useful that relationship is to the actual business. But as a personal user, absolutely, this changes things. I’ve already begun the process of removing my content from the site (and Facebook’s other asset, Instagram). The days of me logging hours on the site, sharing memes and articles, jokes and photos, all the while working against myself to not argue politics in the comments are over. What I leave behind remains to be determined.

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Pokémon Go--No, Wait. Loading...

I’ll admit: when Pokémon Go first came out, my first reaction was close to disgust. The world is burning. It seems like the United States is on the brink of social upheaval. Racist violence continues. My own state’s tyrannical aversion to accountability and justice just included cutting public access to cop cameras meant to hold police responsible for acts like the executions that launched this recent round of protests.

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