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We Will Displace Scarcity

I am quite terrible at nihilism. To a fault, I’m an optimist, more at home in utopian fantasies and solarpunk daydreams than the bottom of a beer can or staking out my aesthetic from behind the Freudian slip of a weapon. In that naivete, I refuse to believe our solidarity is a scarce resource to be spent on artificial trolley problems when the train itself can still be detonated.

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What the Slaughter of Ducks Taught Me About Capitalism & Worker Solidarity

When I talk about economics classes I’ve attended where we were led to calculate the monetary value of a person’s life in order to compare it to the tax revenue or other monetary benefits of a change in policy, most people with a soul respond in horrified shock that the math nerds making suggestions about global political and economic policy could be so cold and indifferent to human life.

But if I bring up the monetary value of a farm animal’s life, most of the same people will make all sorts of justifications for animal captivity, forced labor, and slaughter. This attitude isn’t unique to the soulful people creating worlds beyond capitalism, but it is an attitude we’ve inherited from this system we’re trying to move beyond.

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