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Making the Most of Your Winter Season

‘Tis the season of resolutions, and so often for folks drawn to permaculture or eager to respond to the ecological crises facing the planet right now, this can be the time of year when we’re suddenly ready to just do everything.

A few full thoughts later, we realize that with snow on the ground and snow in the forecast, it doesn’t seem like there’s too much we can do just yet. And that’s what makes winter the perfect time for a deep dive into planning our coming year.

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Permaculture, Zone ZeroPat Mosley
Why Do Permaculture?

Over time it’s become more and more impossible to avoid the destructive reality of modern living played out in not just our bodies but the disappearing wild and the entire planet herself. In the face of climate data and other observations, I cannot muster the passivity to remain indifferent. And just as well, I cannot muster the disempowerment to restrict my work to social media outrage or lobbying the powers that be. There is an unavoidable connection between my health, the planet’s health, and all the soils and waters and wild things between us. And it must be cared for, now.

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Zone Zero, PermaculturePat Mosley
Join Me on Patreon For a New Kind of Coaching Program

Right now, my Patreon page offers two subscription levels for less than a fancy cup of coffee per month. One of these gives you access to my feed over there, while the other gets you added to my monthly newsletter which will include coaching prompts, project plans, and recent articles I’ll curate and deliver direct to your inbox every Full Moon. In the future, I plan to unlock additional levels, but for now I’m still looking out for the community support my heart knows is out there.

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