My Services


Massage Therapy

Swedish massage is the bread and butter of bodywork. It incorporates surface as well as deeper muscle manipulation, friction, and tapotement (the rhythmic tapping you might associate with massage) to relieve tension held in the muscles. Most sessions last around 45-50 minutes and are booked by the hour to allow time for a client consultation and getting on and off the table.


Make it 90 minutes

Sometimes you just need to zone out and get some serious back work done. An hour and a half session will allow your therapist to work more intensely on a specific area or areas you identify, or to just spend more time everywhere while you focus on full body rejuvenation.



Chair Massage

Chair massage generally lasts 5-15 minutes, and is priced by the minute. If you've got hang-ups about undressing or don't have the time to budget for a full body massage, the chair is a great alternative. 

For this type of session, you'll remain dressed and lay forward over a chair designed to help you relax. My work will focus on your shoulders, neck, and back, while also gently massaging your hands, arms, and the back of your head.



Make it an office Party

I book these by the hour at a discounted rate. I'll be available for up to four 10-minute sessions per hour. I recommend passing around a sign-up sheet ahead of time (and I'm happy to provide you with one).


In 1910, French perfumer and chemical engineer René-Maurice Gattefossé used lavender oil to treat the serious burns of factory workers after an explosion. His lifelong research into traditional plant-based medicines and the benefits of aromatic compounds gave birth to the modern field of what he called aromatherapy.


My training began a hundred years later.

Today, aromatherapists are known for using the essential oils of a variety of herbs to boost the general well-being of people and animals everywhere. Below are some of the forms my aromatherapy practice takes.


AromaTouch Technique

This is a wellness world favorite. AromaTouch is a modality designed by dōTERRA who also furnish its namesake proprietary and essential oil blends. In this 35-45 minute session, I'll apply a series of oils directly to your back while you rest comfortably on my massage table.


Custom Aromatherapy Care

Since I started learning massage, the idea of incorporating herbal and aromatic body care products into the work appealed to me. As my studies have continued, I've realized this dream and now confidently offer bodywork with aromatherapy lotion and oil blends crafted by myself with your needs in mind.


Products for your Home

Today, essential oils can be found in retail stores virtually everywhere. For people looking to make essential oils a greater part of their household or to join a dynamic sales team that helps others realize that vision too, I invite you to check out my dōTERRA page.